You do not want a Longboard. You want a unique travel companion.
You do not want to skate. You want to ride the asphalt.
You do not want to move. You want to move to be free.
You do not want speed. You want to feel the breeze on your face.
You don't want a destination. You want an unforgettable trip.

Longboards transparentes

In Beyond Longboards we make transparent methacrylate longboards with high quality finishes and first class components, an explosive combination to give longboards a unique personality. It's that simple and complex at the same time.

We invite you to continue reading to discover the characteristics of the materials and components of our products.

La tabla

Our boards are made of PMMA methacrylate, a material that is even more transparent than the glass itself. Its 2cm thickness makes the board flexible enough to simulate the behavior of the wood of traditional longboards and at the same time endow it with a high resistance to support the weight of a person.

Transparent Longboard

Las ruedas

Cadillac Wheels Longboard

As for the wheels, we have chosen the Cadillac Classic Two 70mm diameter x 50mm width and straight profile, with a hardness of 80a. They are wheels designed especially for Cruising on any surface.

You can configure your longboard by choosing the color of the wheels.

Cadillac Wheels Longboard
Cadillac Wheels Longboard

Los ejes

Atlas Trucks Longboard

We accompany the boards with Atlas Trucks Ultralight forged aluminum, more resistant and precise than any other of its category. With 48º, a 180mm hanger, some 89th bushings and Kingping inverted.

You can configure your longboard by choosing the color of the axes.

Atlas Trucks Longboard

El resultado final

Combining all these elements we have as final result a transparent longboard with an exclusive design, different from the rest of traditional longboards. A product with its own personality, which due to the particularity of its material makes it ideal for Cruising.

Transparent Longboard