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The Earth model is our first longboard, and we only have good words for it. We can define it as elegant, fine and with personality, as it could not be otherwise to represent our brand.

Made with 2cm thick transparent methacrylate, we have equipped it with a minimalist design with two vertical engraved lines that run across the surface of the table to wrap around the Beyond Longboards logo, also engraved directly on the surface. The aim of the engravings is to reinforce the grip of the board, since not being of sanded wood like the current longboards, the grip of the surface with the sole of the foot is a little smaller. Even so, we do not think you need extra grip tape, because the material already has a good grip in itself.

But we know that not only does the design live on a longboard, so to convert the Earth longboard into a good travel companion, we have equipped it with some top components, which we would like to mount on any other long.

For the axes, we choose the Atlas Trucks Ultralight of 48º, a hanger of 180mm and bushings of 89a, with the Kingping inverted, a delight of axis of forged aluminum A356, more resistant and precise than any other axis of its category. They are ideal axes for cruising, carving and freeriding.

On the wheels, a Cadillac Classic Two with a straight profile and 70mm diameter x 50mm wide, with a hardness of 80a, specially designed for soft cruising on any surface. With a high-performance urethane bushing and a smooth driving surface, these wheels behave brilliantly at moderate speeds.

Give your personal touch by choosing the color of the axles and wheels among the options that we propose. And, in the case that you want to mount our Earth longboard with your own components, simply select the option to buy only the table.

Some questions from our customers

If you have questions before buying our Earth longboard, then we show you some of the most common questions that customers often ask us. If none of them resolves your doubts, please write to shop@beyondlongboards.com so that we can solve it.

The transparent methacrylate is very cool, but will not be very fragile?

Do not be fooled by appearances! It is not glass, it is PMMA polymethacrylate, and one of its properties is the high resistance to impacts.

Is it as transparent as seen in the photos?

One of the properties of methacrylate is its high transparency. In fact, as a curiosity, it has 93% transparency, which makes it a more transparent material than glass itself. You can see the floor perfectly through its 2cm thick, practically as if you were floating.

Will its transparency wear down over time?

You can rest easy, it is a very resistant material to the weather and the sun. No wear is seen in 10 years of external exposure in products with the same material.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it can be grated with its use, since it is a material of hardness similar to aluminum and is easily scratched. We do not believe that it is something serious, because we assume that you want the longboard as a travel companion, not as a collector’s item to expose in your room and that is immaculate for life!

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