Refund and returns

If you are not satisfied with the item(s) received, and provided that the product is not used and is kept in its original packaging, as received, you have a period of 14 calendar days to return it, starting from the date of delivery of the order (according to art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of 15 January on the Regulation of Retail Trade amended by Law 47/2002 of 19 December).  

If the products are damaged due to inappropriate packaging, we will not accept the return and if you do not receive the item in its original packaging, it will suffer a depreciation of its value.

Once we receive the merchandise in our warehouses and we verify that all the previous conditions are given, we will admit the return of the product and will proceed to the refund of its amount according to the modality of payment carried out, and in its case, to the shipment of the new product:

You will receive the refund of the amount in a maximum term of 10 days from the reception in our warehouse of the product of change or return. Keep in mind that if you paid by credit card it is likely that your bank will not show the amount of the refund in your balance until the following month.

In the case of defective products or erroneous shipments, all shipping costs will be borne by us.

In the case of exchange, the customer will have to assume the shipping costs of the return and the new shipment.

To make an exchange or return, send us an e-mail to

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